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  EDGE™ Products Overview
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CAO Distributing, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of quality motorcycle accessories worldwide.

With our exclusive brand, EDGE™, we pride ourselves on delivering to our customer the best modern engineering and manufacturing processes have to offer. Our products are one of a kind and stand apart in quality, functionality and looks. We invite you to browse our website for the latest accessories available from the EDGE™ brand.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to call (847) 504-1400 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

See EDGE Products on your bike

Reinforced Saddlebags

EDGE™ Fully Reinforced Saddlebags

ImageEDGE™ bags are not your average saddlebags. Completely reinforced in all critical points, they scream leather, yet function like hardbags. Most other bags only look good on the showroom floor; but the moment they end up on your bike they start sagging under their own weight, even before you put your gear inside. The EDGE™ bags are designed with attention to both function and looks alike, and will hold their shape and attractive finish for unsurpassed longevity. This is extremely important, especially for extra large bags. Furthermore, the ultra strong, quick-release buckles and internal pocket add simple, yet often overlooked, convenience. Combine the bags with EDGE™ Brackets and you have a complete package; a perfect bag with the perfect mounting system.

Construction of every EDGE™ saddlebag follows strict guidelines of our EDGE™ layering technology; where all vital panels are reinforced with specialty unbreakable plastics, every stress point is riveted for superior strength, and every top rim is secured in place by hardened steel rails which, in turn, are covered by leather for a clean, finished look inside and out. 

Some key features available with EDGE™ Hardmount Fully Reinforced Saddlebags:

  • A large variety of sizes and styles to meet every need
  • Wheel side of the bag is specialty unbreakable plastic
  • Every major panel is reinforced with ABS
  • Metal reinforced top rim covered in leather for superior strength and clean look
  • Rot-proof stitching
  • Riveted stress points for strong reinforcement
  • Chrome-plated studs and buckles
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Superior specialty full grain and tek leather
  • Perfect companion for EDGE™ Brackets
  • Unsurpassed EDGE™ quality, design and workmanship

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Quick Release Saddlebag Brackets

EDGE™ Brackets - Quick Release Detachable Saddlebag System
 EDGE™ Brackets are a Quick Release Detachable saddlebag system that allows you attach or take off your saddlebags in roughly two seconds!

Saddlebags are an essential part of your motorcycle.  However, even with all the functions and flexibility they bring to the table, saddlebags also make it extremely difficult to achieve the simplest tasks, such as cleaning your bike, doing basic maintenance, or simply bringing your luggage with you into the hotel room when you reach your destination.

If these things sound familiar, we have the most advanced, forward-thinking solution on the market today. EDGE™ Brackets give you all the benefits of having the saddlebags on your bike in a secure and convenient manner, as well as the ability to remove them with the turn of a key when you need to take off. More so, our system leaves your bike looking showroom clean, with no bulky supports left on your fender rails, so you can sport that rear end whenever you don't need to use your saddlebags.

EDGE™ Brackets Quick Release Detachable saddlebag system is easy to install and, once installed, no tools are needed to remove your saddlebags.

EDGE™ Brackets are installed by removing the two bolts from your fenders and replacing them with the EDGE™ Brackets' bolts and stainless steel slotted bracket supports called "keepers". The EDGE™ Brackets are then bolted onto your saddlebag and simply slide right onto the keepers. Lock the key and away you go! EDGE™ Brackets give you the security and peace of mind knowing your bags are safe. Your bike keeps its show room look while still keeping functionality and purpose. Use your saddlebags for more than looks and bring your important travel gadgets, knowing you can easily remove the bags for safekeeping. EDGE™ Brackets could very well be the greatest invention for any serious motorcycle enthusiast.

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Motorcycle Luggage

EDGE™ Motorcycle Luggage

ImageOnce again EDGE™ Leather presents it's beautiful, one of a kind motorcycle luggage. We are continuously working on perfecting our luggage with the latest innovations to make ownership of it more pleasant, convenient and worry-free.

Construction of every EDGE™ accessory follows strict guidelines for unsurpassed quality and impeccable looks.   

Some key features available with EDGE™ Hardmount Fully Reinforced Saddlebags:

  • Rot-proof stitching
  • Riveted stress points for strong reinforcement
  • Chrome-plated studs and buckles
  • Superior specialty full grain and tek leather
  • Unsurpassed EDGE™ quality, design and workmanship

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Face Masks

EDGE™ Extreme Weather Masks

EDGE™ Extreme Weather Face Masks are a must for any serious cold weather sports enthusiast; be it motorcycling, snow mobiling, skiing or any other sport where you need to get that extra protection from the elements of cold and/or wet weather.

EDGE™ masks are manufactured from thick Neoprene, a material typically used in diving suits. They are wind and water resistant, contoured to your face for comfort and cover your entire throat, neck and ear area for maximum protection. The masks are designed to tuck into your jacket for complete insulation and work equally well with full face, three quarter and half helmets. The helmet chin strap can be worn over or under the face mask.

EDGE™ masks are secured by an oversize Velcro strap, giving you maximum flexibility and one-size-fits-all convenience. All materials used in our masks are Run Free; they will not fuzz, break or come apart, so the masks can be altered with scissors to give you more breathing room where you need it.


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